Environment friendly oils and lubricating greases for the railway and cableways plants, made from renewable raw materials for the lubrication of components in environmentally sensitive situations. They are environment friendly and easily biodegradable, fully complying the current regulations and hence providing a durable and safe use. They offer a high efficiency level, meeting all the requirements for a universal application: good behavior at extreme temperature, water resistance, high pressure and centrifugation resistance and suitability to use in spray systems. The biodegradable greases and lubricants are formulated with vegetable-based synthetic esters and can be used on all the components in environment sensitive scenarios such as earth moving machines, hydraulic cranes, skilifts, river navigation, forestry, amusement parks and, in particular, in the railways for the lubrication of flanges, switches or slideways.

Product range

  • Biodegradable hydraulic oils
  • Cableway block greases
  • Biodegradable greases
  • Bearings and switches greases
  • Greases for buffers
  • Low temperature greases


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