The Italian textile industry identity features are high stylistic values and top-quality finished products along with companies flexibility to satisfy the latest fashion need of always new fabrics. The knitting and yarn design and the cutting-edge machinery used, made our industry one among the most required in the world even by the most famous and demanding fashion designer. Vickers Spotless, Cirnedol and Vickerlube Sock washable oils are, at the moment, the safest choice to contain all the dry cleaner related issues and, at the same time, keep needles and sinkers clean, reducing effectively the production costs.

Product range

  • Washable lubricants for knitting machines: large diameter, straight lines, seamless, tights and socks
  • Coning oil
  • Oils and antistatic agents for cotton and wool staple spinning
  • Spin finish for polypropylene
  • Special formulas for silk and cashmere
  • Super washable oils for needles at 50°C


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